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Advertiser Disclosure

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What Have We Accomplished? #2021 Review

- Dec 28, 2021 About The Blog0 comments

I can’t believe I’m already doing this again. Summarizing the accomplishments of the past year. This was some exciting year with so much going on.  

There were so many new and awesome cards popping up. So many all-time high welcome offers. Credit limits approved by the banks were at an all time high as well! I believe 2021 will be a year always remembered in the credit card industry. It started with the wacky 110k offer from Brex but things only got crazier!  Here are some flashbacks.

2021 flashbacks

  • Capital One surprised us with the release of two awesome cards. The SparkCash Plus and the Venture X. Many of our readers are greatly enjoying the super cashback/points these cards offer plus the great benefits. 
  • Amex this year was busy revamping their luxury cards by adding more statement credits and benefits while increasing the annual fees. This has happened to both the Platinum and Platinum Business (you can still get the Platinum Business for the lower annual fee until January 13, 2022).
  • Many credit card welcome offers this year broke the ceiling. We have seen all-time high offers like the Sapphire Preferred 100k offer, the Citi Premier 80k offer, the Amex Platinum insane 125k plus 15 points on $25k spent at Shop Small offer, and many more. This year was by far, the most aggressive year ever seen with these welcome bonuses. I am very happy for the many readers who had the proper credit and were able to cash in on many of these offers. Congratulations!
  • In October, we saw an uptick in Chase shutdowns. We released content plus tried as much as possible to guide people on how to avoid a shutdown and how to act if they were shutdown. 
  • Chase added benefits and improved rewards on a few of their cards. The Sapphire Reserve increased the rewards on Chase Travel and the Sapphire Preferred had a $50 annual hotel credit and 10% anniversary bonus points added, plus increased rewards on Chase Travel and on dining, online groceries, wholesale clubs, and streaming. 
  • In the beginning of the year there were big changes to auto rental insurance offered by credit cards with many Capital One, Bank of America and other visa cards losing this great benefit. All Chase and Amex cards still offer coverage, along with some Capital One cards and some others. You can see a full list here.

2021 #HMBC accomplishments

In 2021, we saw a phenomenal increase in traffic to our website. But as the traffic increased, so did we improve the great functions and features. Here are some great features and improvements that we added to our website in 2021. I myself am shocked to see how much was done! 

Advanced search bar

We integrated an extremely advanced search bar to our website to make it super easy for you to find the exact content you’re looking for on the site. You get to search keywords and see suggested matches pop up. You can search anything, from posts to credit cards, and anything else on the website.

Compare cards easily

Comparing credit cards has never been more fun! And constructive. We added a compare card feature to our site so that you can compare the credit card details of two or multiple cards, side by side (drag and drop pick and choose). 

When browsing credit cards, you can simply click on the “Add to compare” button on credit cards you want to compare to each other. Your own compare card library list is created and you can then compare the credit cards you’re interested in side by side. All benefits, rewards, and details are included in the compare list. It is mind-bogglingly easy to compare cards with this feature and it has helped many confused consumers walk out with a carefully chosen card they feel confident applying for.

Release of the Homebuyers Guide

Our HomeBuyers Guide hit the market with a bang! We published a free downloadable guide to help confused first time home buyers go through the process in the most effective and calm manner. The guide discusses the steps to take and has much advice and tips regarding finding a real estate agent, working with a mortgage broker, doing a home inspection, and every detail in between, down to getting ready for moving day. The guide is complete with beautiful graphics to make for a pleasant read and was compiled with the help of over 30 industry experts 

Approval monitor

We added the Approval Monitor section to every credit card page. Now, when scrolling over a credit card page, you get to see the stats of the card and make a more informed decision. The Approval Monitor will crunch the numbers for you of the over 1,700 credit card results reported by fellow users in our credit card database. So you see what the average score was of those approved for the card, how many were approved for the card, what the credit limit range was approved, which credit bureau was used to pull credit, and more. And this info is all there, without even having to leave the credit card page!

Advanced credit card filters

Most recently, we went and enhanced the Credit Card Finder. We added many new and amazing filters for when choosing a credit card. Besides searching cards according to best offer cards, 0% APR cards, first cards, travel cards, we broke down the options even more. Now you could search a credit card by the reward categories the cards are best in. Some options are best cards for gas, car rentals, restaurants, groceries, drug stores, home improvement, office supplies, shipping, and more. It is a very well rounded, detailed search filter.

2021 most popular posts

Here’s a recap of our 2021 posts that piqued our readers’ interest most. Missed reading them? Here’s your second chance.

2021 most popular credit cards

Here is the list of credit cards that were the most popular among our readers.

Here comes 2022

Readers, get ready for 2022! It’s going to be a smashing year IYH. There’s a lot more coming, plus a huge project underway. I can’t wait to share the details, but for now I need to shush. Stay tuned!

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