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Advertiser Disclosure

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Best Credit Cards With Airport Lounge Access [2024]

- Apr 18, 2024 Credit Card Info, Travel0 comments

Traveling for Yom Tov?

Do you know that you can enjoy airport lounges without upgrading your travel ticket?

If you have a credit card that has lounge access, you can enjoy the luxury of it on your trip. 

With many of us flying for Yom Tov and with summer travel season just around the bend, here are some super card options that include free airport lounge access. 

What is Priority Pass

Priority Pass is the most common lounge network that credit cards use. Priority Pass is a program that allows travelers, even ones flying economy class, to access airport lounges. 

Priority Pass has three membership plans, including Standard, Standard Plus, and Prestige. There is a fourth membership that some credit cards offer, which is Priority Pass Select, which varies in benefits.. 

Priority Pass allows you to access over 1,200 lounges, spanning 600 cities and 148 countries around the globe.

 You can always search for Priority Pass airport lounges here.

The cheapest cards with lounge access

The cheapest cards that have Priority Pass lounge access would be the U.S. Bank Altitude Connect Visa Signature Card and the business version, the U.S. Bank Business Altitude Connect World Elite Mastercard. They each have a $95 annual fee that is waived the first year.

The cards each come along with 4 free Priority Passes annually to over 1,500 airport VIP lounges worldwide.

Some will argue that the card_name is the cheapest card with lounge access, even with its $395 annual fee, being that you can wipe out the annual fee with the travel credits the card offers.

With the card you can get a $300 travel credit when booking any travel, including flight, hotel, and car, using the Capital One Travel portal each card membership year. Plus, you can get 10,000 anniversary bonus miles each year ($100 value), which comes to a grand total of $400. That completely cancels out the $395 annual fee. 

The card_name offers the following lounge access:

  • Access to 1,300+ airport lounges, with a complimentary membership for you and 2 companions for Priority Pass Select Access to Plaza Premium lounges.
  • Complimentary access to Capital One Lounges for you and 2 companions, at airports including but not limited to; Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver International, and Washington Dulles.

Authorized users receive their own Priority Pass and Capital One lounge access.

The cards with the most comprehensive lounge access options

card_name (all flavors) and card_name have the largest variety of lounge access. You get access to six different lounge networks, totaling over 1,400 airport lounges across 140 countries. 

Personal Platinum cards (all flavors) ($695) 

With The Amex Platinum cards (personal and business) you get complimentary access to the following lounge networks 

  • Priority Pass Select
  • Centurion Lounges
  • AirSpace Lounges
  • Escape Lounges
  • Delta Skyclub lounges (when flying Delta)
  • Select Lufthansa lounges (when flying Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, or Swiss)

Other great options

Here are some other great options of card with airport lounge access.  

card_name ($650): Access to 1,200+ airport lounges, with a complimentary membership to Priority Pass Select.

card_name ($550): Access to 1,200+ airport lounges, with a complimentary membership to Priority Pass Select.

U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Card ($400): Access to 1,200+ airport lounges, with 8 complimentary Priority Pass Select memberships each membership year.

Emirates Skywards Premium World Elite Mastercard ($499): Access to 1,200+ airport lounges worldwide, with a complimentary membership to Priority Pass Select for you and companions. Plus, complimentary access to Emirates business class lounges worldwide for you and one companion.

Bank Of America Premium Rewards Elite Credit Card ($550): Get Priority Pass Select airport lounge access.

You can check out many more great options here

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What's the cheapest card to use aboard?
We recently did a case study but did not manage to find a clear winner. Overall, Amex and Discover were the cheapest

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