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Capital One Spark: How To Get It Off Your Personal Credit Report

The Problem The Capital One Spark Miles For Business is a very high point earner for businesses, as it earns 2 points on all purchases. and is offering a welcome bonus of 50,000 points after $4,500 spent in the first three months. But the reason why many business...
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How To Check Your Credit Card Application Status By Phone or Online

Did you apply for a credit card and the application went pending? If you’re like most people in our generation, you do not want to wait 7- 10 days till you get the letter in the mail. You want to know the results as soon as possible! Did you know that with most banks...
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Chase Freedom Student Card – Should I Get It?

This week, we got exciting news from Chase. They introduced a new Freedom card called the Chase Freedom Student Card. As per Doctor Of Credit, the Chase Freedom Student Card is available for applications in bank branches only. The Chase Freedom Student Card Overview I...
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Chase Freedom Versus Freedom Unlimted

  Chase Freedom Chase Freedom Unlimited Annual fee: $0 $0 Cashback: 5% cashback in rotating spending categories (on up to $1500) per quarter1% cashback on everything else 1.5% cashback on everything (no spending limit) Sign-up bonus: $150 bonus for spending $500...
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Building Credit With a Store Card

One of the classic, old school ways of starting to build credit was by first applying for a store card.  What Is a Store Card? A store card is a credit card offered by a store or brand, for example, Gap, Kohl’s, Home Depot, etc. The credit card is designed to be...
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Key Differences Between an Authorized User and a Joint Account

If you own a credit card, you most probably already heard the term Authorized User, but did you ever hear of a Joint or Co-Applicant? Joints and co-applicants are a much less common term in the world of credit cards, as it is not even an available option by...
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Building Credit Using a Student Card Rather Than a Secured Card

You can’t build credit without a credit card, but you can’t get approved for a credit card without credit. This is the building credit catch 22. The old school solution was applying first for a secured credit card. With a secured credit card, the bank will ask you for...
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Do Utility Or Phone Bills Help Build Credit?

Getting a bill in the mail is not one of the most exciting times in life. Responsible, timely people, though, make sure that their utility and phone bills get paid on time. That’s why I get asked this question very often: How come I don’t have credit? I pay my rent...
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Readers Story: Goodwill Letter

Here is a story from one of our great readers Joey on how he got Barclays to remove a late payment from his credit report through sending a goodwill letter. Joey’s Story    On July 31, 2019, my annual fee from my Lufthansa Barclay card was due. I did not...
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Medical Collections

Chana F. is a working mom, juggling work and taking care of her four children. Life for her was always busy, but one day her oldest daughter started complaining about severe foot pain and she always seemed to be tired. Chana, as a responsible mother, got in touch with...
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How I Got A 90 Day Late Removed In Less Than 30 days

Recently, a mortgage broker reached out to me if I can assist his client. He needed to get a 90 day late, which was reported by US Bank, removed from his credit report.  The client first reached out to the mortgage broker a year ago, when he first started looking...
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How I Got A 30 Day Late Removed for A Mortgage Cosigner

When cosigning on a loan for your friend or family member, you’re taking a big risk. Why? Because you’re taking your credit which you’ve worked so hard to build and putting it into someone else’s hand. Most cosigners do not receive monthly statements in the mail,...
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