As we fold up 2019 to be packed away for good, I must take the time to thank all my readers here at Help Me Build Credit. Thanks for all your great comments and feedback. This is what gives me the courage to keep going forward with this great project.

Time flies by fast, but 2019 was a year where a lot has happened here at Help Me Build Credit.

In 2019:

  • We Successfully finished phase one of our website redesign (phase two should be completed shortly as well).
  • We introduced the Ask Sam feature to our website, where you can get all your credit and credit card questions answered for free.
  • We introduced the Help Me Build Credit Whatsapp Status were we post great weekly credit clips, daily credit tips, updates on new credit card bonuses, and more.
  • We added more than 50 great posts to the Help Me Build Credit learning center, discussing many new great topics about credit, debit, credit cards, and more.
  • We have greatly expanded the list of credit cards listed on our website. (Exciting news coming for 2020! Stay tuned!).

The 2019 Most Popular Posts

Here is a recap of some of the posts that found the most readers’ interest in 2019. If you missed any of it, here is your second chance.

The 2019 Most Popular Credit Cards

Here is the list of credit cards that got the most interest from our readers in 2019:

Here Comes 2020!

Readers, get ready for 2020! It’s going to be an exciting new year with a lot more to come! Stay Tuned

Happy holidays!