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The Venture X Card Is Finally Here! 9 Things You Need To Know Before You Apply

- Nov 9, 2021 Credit Card Info2 comments

The long-awaited Capital One Venture X card is finally here!! Here’s why the Capital One Venture X card is such a game-changer. The Capital One Venture X card comes along with luxury benefits for a reasonable price. The benefits are awesome, perfect for travel, in particular the free Hertz Presidents Circle for and your authorized user and the free lounge access for you and your authorized user (this is huge because authorized users are free). The annual fee on the Venture X is $395 but can easily be erased through the $300 Capital One Travel credit and 10,000 points anniversary bonus. Amongst other travel benefits, you can enjoy airport lounge access with Priority Pass and Capital One lounges (for your authorized users too), TSA Precheck /Global Entry, and much more. The card also has great reward categories of 10 points on hotels and car rentals booked through Capital One Travel, 5 points on flights booked through Capital One Travel, and unlimited 2 points on all other purchases Everyone is excited about this new Capital One Venture X card. You can check out all the exciting details and learn how to apply here

The 9 things you should know about before you apply

But before you apply, here are 9 things you should know about.

1. Credit

The Venture X is still a new card so we don’t know much about approvals. But I believe the approvals will be similar to the Capital One Venture card and you will need good/excellent credit to get approved, plus not too many recently opened credit cards. We will start tracking approvals in our credit card database as soon as applications come in. If you’re approved or declined for the card, please let us know here.

2. Max cards

Update: Many people are reporting getting approved even if they have already two Capital one cards open. Capital One will only let you have a maximum of 2 personal Capital One branded credit cards. (This excludes co-branded credit cards like the Capital One Walmart Rewards card.) So if you already have 2 Capital One personal cards (excluding business cards or non Capital One branded cards) you are not eligible for a new Capital One card.

3. One card in six months

You can only get approved for 1 Capital One card every 6 months. This very often includes both personal and business cards. 

4. Credit bureau

Capital One will usually pull your Experian, Transunion, and Equifax credit reports. If you freeze one credit bureau you can still get approved (the credit bureau you freeze cannot be Transunion).

5. Quickest way to get your card

Your new card will be available in your Capital One app immediately after you get approved (you might need the 3 digit security code on the back of your card to access it, which means you must wait for your physical card to arrive). Physical Capital One credit cards usually cannot be expedited, I wonder if the same will be with this new luxury card. 

6. Welcome offer eligibility

Capital One counts welcome offer eligibility by each card product separately. So as long as you did not receive the welcome bonus on this card product then you are eligible for the bonus. 

7. Check application status

You can  check your application status by calling 1 800 903 9177 or 1 877 277 5901

8. Reconsideration

If declined you can call 1 800 625 7866 to be reconsidered (Capital One will usually only reconsider an application due to application error, for example, you entered the wrong social security number or the wrong income, etc.).

9. Combining same-day credit inquiries

Credit inquiries for same-day Capital One applications will be combined. Note, Capital One will only approve you for one credit card application within every six months. (Combining credit inquiries will only make a difference when declined for your first try and you want to try a new one). To help support what we do please use our website link when applying for the card.  Wishing you a lot of success and an easy approval!

Capital One Venture X card >>

Frequently asked questions
How much credit history do I need to get approved for a Venture X card?
In my experience, I see Capital One looking for a minimum of 12 months credit history

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  1. Hi. I was looking to apply for this capital one venture X. I cute have 4 credit cards. with great history. Never missed a payment. Just curious to know howmeny cards are too much. Will t be to much ?

    • It depends on how recent the 4 cards where opened


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