The kosher Jewish food industry is booming. An average kosher family spends hundreds if not thousands in the grocery each week. Thankfully some cards earn increased rewards on grocery shopping The Amex Blue Cash Preferred earns 6% cashback on US grocery purchases and the Amex Gold earns 4 points on US grocery purchases (you can check out more cards here).

But is your local kosher grocery properly categorized within the merchant’s system for you to earn the bonus rewards? The only real way of knowing is by doing a test purchase. Here we put together a list of Kosher Grocery Stores and how they are categorized. If you have any additional stores that you would like added then submit it in the comments. We will also appreciate any data points that our reader can share to make this list more comprehensive.

Please note most data points are coming from Amex in some rare cases Merchant Category Codes can be different between Amex and VISA.

You can also find the merchant codes for many additional merchants on the AwardWallet look up tool.

Borough Park and Flatbush

  • Appels – Groceries
  • Bingo – Wholesale Stores (does not earn as a grocery)
  • Center Fresh – Groceries
  • Einhorns – Groceries
  • Gourmet Glatt – Groceries
  • Goldbergs – Groceries
  • KRM – Groceries
  • Kosher Discounts – Groceries
  • Mountain Fruits Of Brooklyn – Groceries
  • Mittelmans – Groceries
  • South Side Food Plaza – Groceries
  • Moshes Discounts – Groceries
  • Yidels – Groceries


  • Arons Kissena Farm – Groceries
  • Bondos 24 – Groceries
  • Bedford Gardens – Groceries
  • Chesnut – Groceries
  • Lefkowitz Grocery – Groceries
  • Satmar Fleish – Groceries
  • S Kahan Grocery – Groceries
  • W Fresh – Groceries


  • Brand New Day – Groceries
  • Evergreen Kosher- Groceries
  • Hatzlacha – Groceries
  • Madanim Supermarket – Groceries
  • Rockland Kosher- Groceries
  • Redelicious Supermarket- Groceries


  • Refresh – Groceries
  • Grand Food Market – Groceries
  • Landau’s – Groceries


  • Bingo – Wholesale Stores (does not earn as a grocery)
  • Evergreen – Groceries
  • Gourmet Glatt South – Groceries
  • Gourmet Glatt North – Groceries
  • Kosher Village – Groceries
  • Kosher West – Groceries
  • NPGS – Groceries
  • Seasons – Groceries

If you have any additional information about grocery stores not listed please submit them in the comments below. You can always check how a store is categorized after you login to your account and you click on the transaction.