A survey was done by a site called top10vpn.com. Their security experts reviewed thousands of dark web listings on three of the most popular dark web market places (I guess popular for some) and calculated the average price of stolen credit card numbers, ID’s, login information, SSN’s, etc. Here is a list of their shocking findings.

Credit Card Number

The price for a stolen credit card is about $500. Credit card information is very valuable for thieves, as it can be used right away to make fraudulent purchases. The price can go even higher depending on the credit limit.

Social Security Number

A standalone SSN can sell for only $1 (the price of a gum). A bundle of an SSN, driver’s license scan, and utility bill can sell for an average of $52 (less than a quick supper).

Fullz Info

Fullz Info is a full package that includes a person’s name, SSN, date of birth, address, account information, etc. The price for a fullz package is $515. A thief with all this information can possibly do tens of thousands of dollars of damage to the victim.

Driver’s License

A stolen driver’s license sounds to be not so desirable for thieves, as it sells for only $20.

USA Passports

A USA Passport is the most valuable item on the list. They sell for $1000-$2000. Don’t know what thieves do with these, but it definitely sounds valuable to them.

Online Shopping Account Logins

A hacked online shopping account, can possibly allow thieves to buy items and bill it on the victim’s credit card information saved to the account, and then have the item shipped to them. Login information for a Best Buy account, sells for $15. An Amazon account sells for cheaper, as it is harder to use fraudulently.  The price runs at about $6.

How to Protect Yourself

All this is pretty scary. No? Make sure to keep your information protected properly. Value it for more than these thieves value it. The first step you can do, is set up credit monitoring alerts for your credit reports, so you receive alerts on all changes which happen to your credit report. For example, a new credit inquiry or a new credit card account added, etc. But no, you do not have to pay for credit monitoring! You can do it for free, Read: The Best Websites To Monitor Your Credit Report For Free. Also be careful when signing into your accounts using public Wi-Fi. Most importantly, though, always keep your eyes open for any suspicious activity you see on your bank statements, credit card statements, or anything around you. Stay attuned, and when needed, act fast. I hope to be posting more on how to protect yourself properly.

Have a great day!