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Advertiser Disclosure

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How Much Is Your Personal Information Worth On The Dark Web?

- Apr 26, 2022 Identity Theft0 comments

A survey was done by a site called top10vpn.com. Their security experts reviewed thousands of dark web listings on three of the most popular dark web marketplaces (I guess popular for some) and calculated the average price of stolen credit card numbers, ID’s, login information, SSN’s, etc. 

Here is a list of their shocking findings.

Credit card number

The price for a stolen credit card is about $33. The price can go even higher, depending on the credit limit.

Debit card number

A debit card can sell for $250. Debit card information is very valuable for thieves since it can be used immediately to pull funds. 

PayPal information

Login to PayPal can sell for $42. Even to my righteous eyes, I can see a PayPal account being gold for a thief. Paypal accounts are often linked to multiple bank accounts and credit cards. They would have a hay day getting in there. 

Social security number

A standalone SSN sells for only $1 (the price of gum). A bundle of an SSN, driver’s license scan, and utility bill can sell for an average of $52 (the price of a quick supper). The pricing information for this category is as of 2019.

Fullz info

Fullz Info is a full package that includes a person’s name, SSN, date of birth, address, account information, credit reports, etc. The price for a fullz package is $515, as of 2019. A thief with all that information can possibly do tens of thousands of dollars of damage to the victim.

Driver’s license

A stolen driver’s license seems to not be so desirable for thieves, as it sells for only $27.

US passports

While a US passport used to be the most valuable item on the list, at $1000-$2000, the price dropped to $18. Don’t know what thieves would do with them, but I guess passports lost value (or maybe supply increased).

Online shopping account logins

A hacked online shopping account can possibly allow thieves to buy items and bill it on the victim’s credit card information saved to the account, and then have the item shipped to them. 

Login information for a Best Buy account sells for about $26. 

Login information for an Amazon account is the most expensive of online accounts. The price runs at about $30.36.

Walmart and Macy’s login information each sell for approximately $13.

Uber account

Guess who wants to track your Uber account and take rides while they’re at it? Thieves would buy or sell information for an Uber account for $11.

AirBNB and travel sites

Login to an AirBNB account can sell for $7. I assume thieves appreciate your credit card and personal information on file, and are not exactly after your most recent vacation spot.

Login information to Expedia can sell for $10 and login to JetBlue can sell for $8. Again, I think thieves want your saved payment info on file, not the best deal on hotels and flights.

How to Protect Yourself

All this is pretty scary. 

Make sure to keep your information protected properly. Value it for more than these thieves value it. 

The first step you can do is set up credit monitoring alerts for your credit reports, so you receive alerts on all changes which happen to your credit report. For example, a new credit inquiry or a new credit card account added, etc., will prompt an alert. You can get credit monitoring for free.

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Also, be careful when signing into your accounts while using public Wi-Fi. 

Most importantly though, always keep your eyes open for any suspicious activity you see on your bank statements, credit card statements, or anything around you. Stay attuned, and when needed, act fast.

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Frequently asked questions
Someone opened up a bank account in my name but no credit cards. Why do they need a bank account in my name?
To commit fraud using your account. Be very careful and shut any accounts opened in your name immediately. You can order a copy of your ChexSystems report to look for accounts opened in your name
I got an email that my social security number was found on the dark web. Anything I need to do about it?
Ignore. Everyone's is found on the dark web

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