Citi credit cards currently have a lot of benefits that come along with them. Benefits like return protection, price match, and extended warranty protection, are all standard benefits. These benefits even come along with the Citi non-annual fee credit cards, like the Citi Double Cash. But all this is about to change.

Change to Citi Credit Card Benefits

Citi announced, that starting September 22, they are taking away the following benefits:

  • Worldwide Car Rental Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection
  • Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance
  • Trip Delay Protection
  • Baggage Delay Protection
  • Lost Baggage Protection
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Citi Price Rewind
  • 90 Day Return Protection
  • Missed Event Ticket Protection
  • Roadside Assistance Dispatch Service
  • Travel & Emergency Assistance

The Citi Double Cash and Dividend Credit card will lose Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection as well

Citi claims the reason they are making these changes is that the benefits were not used often. (That’s the same stupid excuse Discover gave last year when they too took away their benefits.) What a stupid cover-up! If the benefits are not used, then Hey!… It’s not costing you much money, so why not keep it? Anyway, Citi is obviously looking to save money and they figure that people will continue using their credit cards even without these benefits.

Better Options

The only two banks whose credit cards still come with a great benefit package is Amex and Chase.

Amex cards all (or almost all) come with Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Travel Accident Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Global Assist Hotline, Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty Protection, Return Protection

Chase branded credit cards all come with Car Rental Collision Damage, Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty Protection, Price Protection, Return Protection, Lost Baggage Insurance, Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance.

Are you using a Citi credit card for everyday spending? It may now be the time to make that change to Amex or Chase. Check out a list of great credit cards for everyday spending here.

Good luck!