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Amex Welcome Bonus Pop Up Box- Is 0% APR Included?

- Jul 15, 2019 Credit Card Info0 comments

Update 11/05/19: Amex is now charging APR on personal cards.

About three months ago, I applied for the Amex Blue Business card. I wanted to get 0% APR on new business purchases for up to 12 months, plus earn 2% cashback on all purchases. (The Amex Simply Cash Business card gives you 15 months 0% APR, but I, personally, wanted rather to earn the 2% cashback on all purchases. That’s why I chose the Blue Business). Anyway, when I tried applying for the card I got a pop-up, which stated the following: Based on your history with American Express welcome offers, introductory APR offers, or the number of cards you have opened and closed you are not eligible to receive this welcome offer.

Go For It, Or Forget It

The Amex Blue Business card does have a 10k welcome bonus. But I did not need the bonus, I just wanted the 0% APR. But the pop up was stating that I might not get the intro 0% APR either. At first, I thought, forget it, let me rather apply by a different bank. But then I understood that if Amex is not giving me the 0% APR then they would need to change the rate and fees page on the application to reflect that. After checking the rates and fees page I noticed that no, it was the same standard page and clearly stating that I will be getting the intro 12 months 0% APR period. I decided to go ahead and ignore the pop-up and complete the application.

Worked Out Well

I can now confirm that the balance on my account is already passed the grace period and I’m still not charged any interest. (Though I did not receive the 10k welcome bonus.) It seems that even if you receive the pop up that stated that you might not receive the 0% APR, Amex will not give you the welcome bonus but they will give you the intro APR period.

Did you have a different experience? Please comment below.


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Sam Sam has nearly a decade's worth of experience educating his many readers on everything credit. Sam spends his days checking out credit cards for a full report, from the minute benefit details to the shebang of welcome bonuses. Plus studying the ins and outs of building proper credit. It’s his favorite pastime and he loves sharing it with others.

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