Reallocating/ Transferring Credit Limits: Who Allows And Who Does Not.

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Updated: 05/15/20

For some people, it’s more practical to have one credit card with a high credit limit as opposed to having a few credit cards from the same issuer, with all of them having smaller credit limits.

Sometimes reallocating credit limits can be a great tool. It can help with getting more credit available on a card the has an intro 0% APR offer, giving you much more money available to borrow interest-free. Credit expert, Joel Freidman, founder of Credit Capital, was recently successful in moving over a $25k limit from an Amex personal card to a newly opened Amex Blue Business Card which has 12 months 0% APR, giving the customer another $25k to spend on 0% APR!

Here in this post, we will go through the list of major credit card issuers and their policies on reallocating/transferring credit limits.

Please note: I put a strong emphasis that all information found in this post should be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. But, even after spending hours on research and interviewing other credit card experts, I will be honest that I still do not have a full clear picture. It seems that results strongly vary even within the same credit card issuers between different cardholders. If your result is different than that which is stated in this post, then please kindly leave a comment and we will update the post accordingly.


  • You can reallocate credit limits from personal to personal, business to business, and from personal to business cards. You cannot transfer from business to personal.
  • Reallocating can be done on the phone or online.
  • You cannot reallocate your credit limits more than once in 30 days.
  • Reallocating credit limits with Amex will only result in a soft credit pull.

Bank of America

  • You can reallocate credit limits between credit cards at Bank of America even from a personal card to a business card, or from a business card to a personal card.
  • Reallocating credit limits will only result in a soft credit pull.


  • You can reallocate Barclay’s credit limits from personal to business, and from business to personal, but you will need to speak to the Credit Analyst Department.
  • Reallocating credit limits at Barclays will only result in a soft credit pull.

Capital One

Data points suggest that its not anymore possible to reallocate credit limits with Capitol One

  • You can reallocate Capital One credit limits by phone or online (login/services/ request account combination).
  • Both accounts must be at least six months old.
  • One of the two accounts needs to have a zero balance.
  • Capital One will only do a soft credit pull.


  • You can reallocate Chase credit limits only from personal to personal of from business to business.
  • Reallocating credit limits by Chase will result in a soft pull, except if the new credit limit will exceed $35,000, which in that case, a hard credit pull will be done.

Citi bank

  • Most report not being successful with reallocating a credit limit with Citi bank; some suggest talking to a supervisor and only then being successful.
  • Both cards will need to be open for six months.
  • Citi will make a hard inquiry when reallocating credit limits


  • Discover mostly does not allow reallocating credit limits, but it can be done through first requesting a credit limit increase. And after approved ask to talk to the Credit Operation Department to reallocate the credit limits. For whatever reason, once you approved for a credit line increase reallocating credit lines become possible.

US bank

  • Most report not being successful with reallocating a credit limit with Us Bank; some suggest talking to a supervisor.

Wells Fargo

  • Wells Fargo allows reallocating credit limits.
  • Wells Fargo will only do a soft pull.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and again as previously stated if you had a different experience then what is described here in this post, then please leave a comment below.


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  1. I personally transferred big chunk of Barclay JB Personel to Barclay JB Business less then a year ago

    • Thanks. Will update post

  2. Great article

    • Thanks!



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