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Advertiser Disclosure

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Major Issues With The Citi Fraud Department. Some Tips On How To Resolve Them

- Aug 25, 2022 Credit Card Info12 comments

While many people are currently getting the Citi Premier Card due to the current all-time high offer, some are hitting a snag with the Citi fraud department while trying to complete the welcome bonus spend requirement. 

When Citi suspects a transaction as fraud they send a text message or email to the user to confirm the transaction by replying (or clicking) “yes”. But the issue is that even after replying yes, your transactions can still get declined.

And eventually, Citi forces you to call the Citi fraud department to unlock your account (easily 15-20 min hold time). And  that’s not it. 

After finally getting a hold of the fraud department and verifying your transactions, your transactions immediately get reflagged again as fraud and Citi forces you to call again. And you guessed it. After you call again your account will still get flagged. 

This is a Citi rut that feels impossible to ever climb out of.  

What's the solution?

The best solution would be if Citi wakes up and fixes this issue asap. But I’m not the CEO of Citi and have no plan of becoming the CEO anywhere in the near future, so for now, let’s discuss some tips and solutions that other people are reporting that worked for them. They may be worth a try.  

Open up the Citi app with location services on – Some suggest turning on location services in the Citi app and have the app open on your phone before attempting a charge.

Put a large purchase notification – Put a large purchase notification in the Citi app or online notifying Citi that you are planning on making a large purchase on your card. This will help your transaction bypass the fraud department. 

Take an extra dose of medication and wait it out – Many report that they just needed to wait a few weeks for the issue to clear. After a few weeks the issue cleared on its own. 

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  1. Wow I’m not alone. I run a business that spends $150k a month on credit cards and this experience has been worst than anything I have ever experienced. Took 8 phone calls and over 2 hours to verify the first time. Second time was quicker and took 10 minutes but on the same transaction. I am on my 6th phone verification in 2 weeks now and now they want to mail a letter that will take “4-7 business days to arrive” before they will validate. What a joke. Getting my bonus and I’m out. American Airlines needs to realize this reflects on them.

  2. I attempted to make a purchase. It was declined. I then received a text to verify the purchase, which I verified. I tried to again to make a purchase, but was declined again. I then called in. Now they want me to send them a picture ID…Citibank never even asked for my picture ID when I opened the credit line. But now they want it – for what? What will they compare it to? Frustrating. I’m out with Citibank.

  3. I was not notified of high fraud alert purchase of $10.66 was declined solar porch lights and $46.47 seresto flea collars declined transaction I was told by Citi they couldn’t verify my identity hogwash I called executive offices now in a 15 day wait investigation I was told by customer service they were checking my media condition asked for other peoples phone numbers to contact me etc but no one was contacted a d get this said they couldn’t text my phone number. Wtf

  4. I opened a citi account online in April 2023. Then I couldn’t access the account. Numerous customer service calls were of no help. Then I had to go out of town. After I came back I tried again. Finally changed my password and got in. Much to my surprise my account was closed and the balance was $0. Citi stole my $30,000. Physically went to a branch, manager said they’d send me a check. That was 3 weeks ago. He claims the check was mailed. I’m still out $30,000.

    • I am going through this right now well about three weeks now and my balance was $36,000.00. still cant get any answers.

  5. I’m glad I stumbled upon this thread. I thought I was going crazy. I’ve been a Citi Card customer for 40+ years and just had this happen for the 2nd time ever. It was a measly $300 on-line purchase. Within 60-seconds I responded “Yes” to the text that I did make the transaction and it responded “Thank you, transaction declined”. I called Citi customer service immediately and they had no explanation and could only advise to go make the purchase again. I kept asking why it ignored my acknowledgement and they had no answer. I exclaimed that I don’t want to end up with TWO products on my door step. The first time this ever happened to me I didn’t see the text or email till the next day as I was at home and the phone was on the charger. I guess they just assume everyone has the phone surgically attached to their hand at all times.

    As for submitting a large purchase notification, what dollar amount constitutes a large purchase?

    • Any amount you choose. There is no official amount.

  6. Our credit card was hacked for $24,620.17 that Citi Double Card sent to the hackers without our knowledge or authorization so we hold Citi Bank responsible for our loss and a violation of our consumer’s and senior citizen’s rights. This is our third attempt to report and resolve a fraudulent transaction without our knowledge or authorization and demand a cancellation of the debt and a refund of all the monthly payments
    Perhaps the CitiBank fraud dept. is a fraud itself.

  7. We have a 2nd fraudulently unauthorized personal loan that was sent to the same scammers by CITIBANK N.A. LOAN FUNDS PPD for $6,500 which was unauthorized buy us and are being held accountable to pay back with interest on these debts that we didn’t expect .This puts an extra financial hardship on us senior citizens on a fixed income.

    We reported this to the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau in Washington D.C. for help.

    Why do they have these texts in a pail blue so we can’t read what we are writing?

    • CFPB is the right agency to complaint too. Hopefully that will help.

  8. In December 2022, someone fraudulently used one of my charge cards that Citibank services. I received an overdue payment letter and immediately called, knowing that I had a ZERO balance on that charge account. Citibank confirmed within a few days that the charge was fraudulent and removed it from my account. It’s been almost ONE YEAR, and that delinquent payment STILL shows on my credit report. I have filed numerous appeals and called Citibank countless times in an attempt to have them remove that notification on my credit report. I just received a notification from my auto insurance company that my premium has increased because of my insurance credit score. That delinquent payment is continuing to hurt me, and I don’t know what to do about it. Citibank will not help me. If anyone knows where and how to file a complaint against Citibank, please let me know! I have absolutely given up on dealing with their fraud department.


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