Which Credit Cards Are Approving? December Update

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Guess what, it’s been who knows how long, and the Covid pandemic is still going on. Some good news though came in yesterday. The US Senate and House have agreed to a new $900 billion stimulus deal which will provide a $600 payment for each family member.

We all appreciate these accommodations, just to help us get through these complicated days.

Accommodations of other sorts are common these days too, be it for the better or for worse. For one, the banks have been taking Covid realities into account when it comes to credit card approvals.

Starting from pretty much in the beginning, we started tracking bank credit card approvals to see what the trend was. Which banks were approving, and what credit limits they were giving.

We thank all readers who’ve been submitting approval results to our live database. You can research approvals on each bank or credit card. Check it out here

Here are our takeaways from the data we collected during the months of November and December of 2020, collected from over 90 credit card submissions for credit cards applied during these two months.

Key takeaways


During the pandemic, Chase had a major slow down on approving credit cards in general, and even more so, restraining business credit cards. In our last update, we reported Chase starting to approve more of the business credit cards as well as personal credit cards, but the credit limits were still low for the business credit cards. This month, we saw nice approvals for business credit cards, plus the limits improved greatly, with a couple of them being in the $30,000 range.


Amex is approving a lot of applications (most applications reported in the database were approved) But, the limits seem to be mostly low, in the $1,000-$2,000 range. More recently, we saw an increase of applicants who need to provide proof of income.


Citi is approving applications, but credit limits are varying a lot between applicants. But I would say that with Citi, everything is regular, just as it was before the pandemic

Capital One

Capital One is still stuck in the mud with only very few approvals. The interesting part is that they keep on releasing more welcome offers as if they’re open for business but then when you apply, you get declined.


Discover is showing some nice approvals of $10,000 or more for applicants with good income and good credit scores.


Barclays results vary but seems like most applicants are getting approved, some with pretty nice credit limits such as one report of $28,000 on the JetBlue card

Bank Of America

We are not seeing any major changes from Bank of America. They are being a bit tougher on approving applicants with subprime credit scores.

Other Issuers

Applicants with late payment or low credit scores are still having a very hard time getting approved for credit cards

Check out many more live results in the credit card database.

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