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Advertiser Disclosure

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Update – Offer Extended! Don’t Miss It!! Free $500 With BILL Divvy Corporate Card. Everything You Need To Know 

- Jun 26, 2023 Credit Card Offers4 comments

Update: Offer extended.

The BILL Divvy Corporate Card currently has a no-brainer offer of $500 after spending $500 within the first 45 days! This is basically a free $500. The offer has been extended and is set to expire on 8/31/2023, so don’t delay and apply now.

BILL Divvy Corporate Card>>

Here are answers to many commonly asked questions.

Will Divvy pull my credit when applying?

They will only do a soft pull, not a hard pull.

Does the BILL Divvy Corporate Card count towards Chase 5/24?

No. It does not get reported to the credit bureaus.

When will I receive the $500 credit?

Within 60 days of completing the spend and making the required payment.

Do I need to pay the $500 first or can I just wait to get the $500 credit?

Part of the terms of getting the $500 credit is to first pay the $500 balance on your card. So you can’t use the bonus credit as a payment for the $500 spent.

Can I apply under a sole proprietorship?

Many people reported confirmed approvals with a sole proprietorship. 

You can see data points here 1, 2, 3.

They are asking me for a certificate of good standing. What is that?

It’s a document you get from the state for about a $25-$50 fee. This document certifies that your business is in compliance with all state requirements. Here is how to receive it, state by state. In NJ, it can be ordered online with this link.

How do I provide a certificate of good standing for a sole proprietorship?

You can’t. If they request it, email them and ask them to waive it.  They usually will waive that requirement for you. 

How much money do I need in my bank account to get approved?

I have seen approvals with as low as $2,000 in the bank account. But obviously, the more money you have in the bank account, the greater chance you have of getting a higher credit limit.

Is Divvy a trustworthy company? Can I trust them with my bank login?

Divvy is owned by Bill Holdings which is a $10B company. I don’t think they will get too excited when they see your bank funds :).

When will this offer expire?

The offer is set to expire on June 30, 2023. Extended to 09/15/2023.

Is it easy to get approved?

The process is pretty straightforward. They require you to link your bank account and approve based on your bank account. They usually will also ask for some basic documents to be uploaded. They usually don’t ask for anything major. In some cases, they can require a certificate of good standing or some other weird document which some business owners might find a hassle to provide. 

If I get declined can I have the application reconsidered?

You can try to email them to reconsider but I don’t have any reports of success. Email the rep that reaches out to you regarding your application.

Once I get the $500 statement credit can I ask them to deposit it in my bank account?

You can ask them to refund it to your bank account. You do not need to swipe it out on the card. 

I completed the bonus but I do not see the statement credit. What can I do?

It can take up to 60 days to post.  Make sure to look for it by adjustments (it seems only to be on Desktop, not in the app). 

If you still can’t find it then email Divvy at [email protected]

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  1. What’s the email address for divvy?

      • What’s the phone number to reach about this application

  2. Please note that you might need a smartphone to complete this application, I have applied and they wanted that I should verify my identity with a app that works only on a app, they told me that you cannot do it on a PC, I canceled the application.


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