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Advertiser Disclosure

Advertiser Disclosure

Although we put in a lot of effort to give our readers unbiased information, and we include many credit card offers on our website for which we do not get paid any compensation, we are legally required to notify you that we may be receiving compensation from some of the credit card companies mentioned on our website.

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List Of Mortgage Brokers That Offer Your Real Mortgage Scores For Free

- Apr 23, 2023 Credit Scores, Mortgages0 comments

Last week we ran an episode on our WhatsApp status about how to get your real mortgage scores for free (you can also watch it on our YouTube channel here).

Many mortgage brokers messaged me that they are ready to offer our followers their real mortgage scores for free, upon request, with only a soft pull (does not affect your credit in any way).

I posted the names on our WhatsApp status but I figured I’ll also list them here on our website so our followers can reach out to them whenever they need. 

Here are the names and contacts

Amrom Jankovits – Landstone



Ari Kahana – KayFund Capital Group



Avrumi Bochner – ONYX



Chaim Weiser – The leopard Group 



David Glouber – Everest Equity 



Efraim Gross- Capital M



Eli Reifer – Capital Plus

917- 913-9675


Hershy Lax – Ark Mortage 



Joel Weiser – GoRascal Inc



Lazer Sofer – ONYX



Mendy Eisenberg – ONYX



Moshe Aron Rottenberg – Astar Home Capital



Yanky Gobioff – The Mint Capital 



Zev Spitzer – CrossCountry Mortgage


Frequently asked questions
If I have low credit can I take a cosigner with good credit for a mortgage?
Unfortunately, cosigners do not help for credit. You need to have your own credit to get approved for a mortgage

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