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Advertiser Disclosure

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My 2024 Predictions!

- Jan 2, 2024 credit2 comments

In the last few years, before the start of the year, I released a post with my predictions for the upcoming year. These predictions are just my educated guesses on how I see things going. Of course, there are many more factors that affect every single one of these predictions including factors that are impossible to predict. All predictions (mine and others included) have pretty much an equal chance of not happening as yes happening. But if it still interests you to read my stomach pain then proceed. 

My first prediction is that 2024 is going to be an unpredictable year. In the current uncertainty of the overall market it’s very hard to predict. Now, with this prediction in mind, you can proceed to read all my other predictions (and if I’m wrong, I can still say “hey, I predicted that my predictions will not happen 🙂 

1. A new rewards currency will pop up

There are only 5 banks that have really great rewards programs that include the option to transfer to travel partners, etc. The rewards programs are very lucrative to banks and I think in 2024, we will see another credit card issuer like Wells Fargo or Barclays join with a new lucrative rewards program.

2. 0% APR will become less popular

You can currently get 0% APR for as much as 21 months! With interest rates extremely high, I think in 2024 it will no longer be worth it for banks to give free money on 0% APR. I think we will see these 0% APR offers significantly cut. I do not think they will completely disappear but they will be reduced.

3. Annual fees will continue to rise

During 2023, we saw an annual fee increase on many cards. I think this trend will still continue into 2024 due to inflation that still did not bottom out. In 2024 we will see annual fees continue to rise on many cards.

4. More banks will want to review your bank account before approvals

In 2024, more banks will adopt new approval standards including connecting to your bank account to review your real time finances. This technology has become more popular than ever and more banks will try to utilize it so that they can more accurately approve applications based on real time transactions within your bank account.  

5. More Amex cards will have family rules added

In the last few months, Amex has added family rules to some of their cards, including some Delta cards, some Marriot cards, the Gold and Platinum cards, and some Blue Cash cards. With these new rules, even if you have not received the bonus on the exact card, but you have received the bonus on a similar card, you’re still not eligible for the bonus (you can read more about it here). I think this is a new Amex trend and we will see these family rules get added to more Amex cards.

6. More banks will offer instant credit card numbers

Currently, getting your credit card numbers online right after approval is available for most  Amex cards, Goldman Sachs cards, and some Citi cards. I think that in 2024 we will see more banks start to offer it as the world becomes more instant and the use of virtual cards is more popular. 

7. New luxury travel card will be released

Luxury travel cards are extremely high in demand. One of the most popular cards we see with our CardRight users is card_name. I think another luxury travel card will appear on the market in 2024. To be more specific, either Citi will release one or Chase will release a business luxury travel version to the card_name.

So now that I told you what I predict, let’s hear what you predict! Share you predictions in the comments.

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