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Advertiser Disclosure

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Which Banks Give A Credit Card Instantly After Approval (Or What’s The Fastest Way To Get My Card?)

- Oct 7, 2021 Credit Card Info2 comments

Many people wake up to apply for a new credit card right before they need it. Right before as in a few seconds before. 

Most banks offer online instant approvals for their credit cards.  An instant approval means that the bank gives you a decision on the spot in as little as 30-60 seconds after applying. But, from when you get approved for the card until you get the card in your hand and available to make purchases, can take 5-7 business days. So what do you do if you need the card no later than today or even within the next few minutes?

Here in this post we’ll discuss what’s the quickest way you can get a credit card in your hand or at least a virtual card that is available to use, bank by bank.

Which banks offer an instant credit card number or express card delivery?

  Instant credit card number Expedited shipping 
Amex Available often after getting approved instantly Available for Platinum cards only
Apple Available in your Apple wallet No
Barclays  You can add your new card to your mobile wallet Yes, $15 fee
Bank Of America  No Available upon request 
Capital One Available in the Capital One app (Sometimes you will need the 3 digit security code to access)  No
Chase You can add your new card to your mobile wallet Available for Chase branded cards upon request 
Citi Available on some cards (see below) No
Discover  No No
US Bank Available in your mobile wallet or online  
Wells Fargo No Yes, $16 fee
TD Bank No Available to be printed for you in-branch right after approval


Instant credit card number

Often, after getting approved instantly for an Amex card, you’ll get an option to request a temporary credit card number that you can use right away to start making purchases. This is common but not always the case.

Expedited shipping 

Update: Some people report getting their Gold card with next-day delivery 

Amex offers express free overnight delivery for their Platinum cards. Amex does not offer express delivery for all other cards. Physical cards will be delivered  in 7-10 business days  


Instant credit card number

Apple cards are available immediately in your Apple wallet 

Expedited shipping 

There is no way to expedite the delivery for the physical Apple titanium card.


Instant credit card number

You can add your Barclays cards to your mobile wallet immediately upon approval. 

Expedited shipping 

During the credit card application you can request Barclays to send you the physical card with Express delivery. Barclays will charge you a $15 fee for express delivery and the delivery will be FedEx – overnight delivery.

Bank Of America

Instant credit card number

Bank Of America does not offer instant card numbers. Doctor of Credit has some data points  of occasionally being able to add a newly approved Bank of America card to your mobile wallet immediately after approval, but in most cases you can’t. 

Expedited shipping 

Bank of America offers overnight delivery upon request for the physical card. They will even waive the fee if you have a good reason you need it right away. So make sure to present a good case to the rep. Contact Bank of America customer service to request overnight delivery at 800-432-1000.

Capital One

Instant credit card numbers

You can find your card details in the app (or online) and it can be used immediately. In many cases, Capital One will want to verify that you are the real cardholder by requesting you to provide them with the 3 digit security pin on the back of the card. In such a case you will need to wait till the card arrives in the mail in order to access your account details.  

Expedited shipping 

Capital One does not offer express delivery for new accounts for the physical card, only sometimes on replacement cards ($16 fee).


Instant credit card numbers

Chase does not offer instant credit card numbers but you have the option to add your newly Chase card to your mobile wallet immediately after approval. This can be done by logging in to your Chase account and adding your new card to your mobile wallet (sometimes it can take about an hour after approval until your new approved Chase card will show in your online login).

The Chase Amazon card will instantly show in your Amazon account and the Chase Starbucks card will instantly be able to be used in the Starbucks app. 

Expedited shipping 

Chase offers free express overnight delivery upon request for their physical branded cards (Sapphire, Freedom, etc) but not for their co-branded cards (United, Southwest. etc). You can request overnight delivery by calling Chase customer service at 1-800-935-9935 and submitting a request. Expedited shipping is also available for the Chase Amazon card


Instant credit card numbers

Citi is currently rolling out instant card numbers currently available on these cards.

card_name – The temporary card will only be able to be used for up to 10% of your credit limit, subject to a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,000; and the temporary card can only be used for up to 10 days.

  • Costco – only when you apply in a Costco store 
  • American Airlines
  • AT&T

Expedited shipping 

Citi does not offer expedited shipping for new accounts for the physical card. Expedited shipping is only available for lost or stolen cards. Newly approved physical Citi cards will be delivered within 7-10 business days.  


Instant credit card numbers

Discover does not offer instant credit card numbers.

Expedited shipping 

Discover used to offer expedited shipping for newly approved physical cards. They no longer do. The physical Discover cards will be delivered within 5-7 business days. There is no way to request to get your Discover card faster.

US Bank

Instant credit card number

US Bank instant credit card numbers are available upon approval and can be used online or in your mobile wallet.

Expedited shipping 

There is no data indicating that there is expedited shipping available for US Bank physical cards.

Wells Fargo

Instant credit card numbers

Wells Fargo cards are available immediately if you add your new card to your Apple wallet. You will only be able to use part of your credit limit until you get your physical card.

Expedited shipping 

Wells Fargo offers expedited shipping for their physical credit cards upon request. There is a $16 fee to expedite a credit card.

TD Bank

Instant credit card numbers

TD Bank does not offer instant credit card numbers.

Expedited shipping 

Right after approval, you can walk into a TD branch and have them print your physical credit card for you. You can get it even as quick as the same day you are approved.

Frequently asked questions
Can I get my new Chase card express?
Chase will overnight your Chase branded card upon request (but not co-branded). You can also add your Chase card to your mobile wallet immediately after approval
What's the quickest way to get a TD credit card?
After approval you can go to any TD branch and they can print a card for you on the spot

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