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The Best Card To Use For Amazon PPC Marketing – Earn Thousands A Year In Rewards!

- Dec 15, 2021 Credit Card Info0 comments

Many Amazon sellers spend a lot of money on Amazon PPC marketing. For some, it is one of their biggest business expenses. 

I have guided many Amazon sellers on choosing the right credit cards to earn top rewards on Amazon PPC marketing and have helped them earn $30,000, or even more, in rewards by simply changing to the right credit cards! 

I want to help you maximize the rewards on your PPC expenses as well. Here are the cards you must have in your wallet if you spend a lot on Amazon PPC marketing. 

Amex Gold Business - 4 points

The Amex Gold Business card gives you the most points on Amazon PPC marketing than any other card. You earn 4 points per dollar spent. 

The rewards structure works as follows; you earn 4 points on the 2 categories where your business spent the most each billing period, on up to $150,000 annually. The categories can be one of the following; Airfare purchased directly from airlines, U.S. gas stations, U.S. purchases for shipping, U.S. restaurants, select media, and advertising, and select providers of computer hardware, software, and cloud solutions. Thankfully, Amazon PPC marketing is an eligible category to earn 4 points on.

The 4 points are capped at 150k annually, but you can get up to 10 Amex Gold Business cards per person. Each Gold Business card will have its own $150k limit (please note that you can only get approved for up to 2 Amex cards in 90 days, so every 90 days you can do another two cards). 

Things to know: 

  • Points can be transferred to many airline and hotel partners and you can earn a value of 1.3 – 2 cents per point to cover travel expenses (this can effectively earn you 8 cents back on every dollar you spend on PPC!).
  • You only earn the 4 points in the U.S. marketplace.
  • Each card has a $150k limit (but as noted above, you can have up to 10 cards per person).
  • The card has a $295 annual fee.
  • The card does not have a pre-set credit limit*. Your purchase power will increase as you use the card and pay back. 
  • The full balance will be due at the end of the month.

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Chase Ink Preferred - 3 points

Once you maxed out the Amex Gold Business cards or if you prefer to earn Chase Ultimate reward points, then the next card on the list will be the Ink Preferred card. With the Ink Preferred card you will earn 3 points on every dollar spent for Amazon PPC marketing. 

The 3 points are capped to the first 150k you spend annually. But you can apply for multiple Chase Ink Preferred cards under different business entities (or if you only have one business entity, you can apply for the Ink Unlimited and the Ink Cash. After 12 months, upgrade them to the Ink Preferred. Each Ink Preferred will have its own $150k limit).

Things to know

  • Points can be transferred to many airline and hotel partners and you can earn a value of 1.3 – 2 cents per point to cover travel expenses. If you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card then you can redeem the points for 1.5 cents per point to book travel on Chase Travel.
  • You earn the 3 points in both U.S. and foreign marketplaces.
  •  Each card has a $150k limit (but as noted above, you can have multiple cards under different businesses).
  • The card has a $95 fee.

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If you’re an active Amazon seller spending a lot on PPC then make sure you swipe the right card. Using the right card for PPC can help you accumulate a ton of points. Spending just $10,000 a month on the Amex Gold Business card for PPC will accumulate 480,000 points annually for you! 

To put this in perspective, 480,000 points is worth between $5,000 – $9,000 towards free travel! So make the change today and thank me later.


Thank you to Isaac Gross for helping out with creating this post. Isaac Gross is the founder of IG PPC, an agency that manages the PPC for 7-,8-, & 9-figure Amazon sellers. With an in-house team of expert Account Managers and cutting-edge strategies, IG PPC manages over $1.5B in annual sales on Amazon. You can reach Isaac by emailing him at

*No Preset Spending Limit means the spending limit is flexible. [In fact,] unlike a traditional [credit] card with a set limit, the amount you can spend adapts based on factors such as your purchase, payment, and credit history.

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