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Advertiser Disclosure

Advertiser Disclosure

Although we put in a lot of effort to give our readers unbiased information, and we include many credit card offers on our website for which we do not get paid any compensation, we are legally required to notify you that we may be receiving compensation from some of the credit card companies mentioned on our website.

Some of the credit card offers which appear on helpmebuildcredit.com are from credit card companies from which this site possibly receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where credit card offers appear on this site. This site possibly does not include all available credit card offers.


Refinancing Your Home to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Refinancing Your Home to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Mortgage rates are now at a historic low, and a lot of people are rushing to refinance their homes to pay off other accumulated debt. In this post, I have invited a great and experienced mortgage broker Ā Shimon KlagsbrunĀ fromĀ Funding SourceĀ (contact details at the end...

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