The only item that never gets bad reviews is a parachute. That’s because either it works well, or if it doesn’t, then there is no one alive to write the bad review. Some credit repair companies want to have the same protection against bad reviews. Therefore, they’ve developed the following tactic in order to choke bad reviewers.

The Tactic

These credit repair companies sign a confidential agreement with their clients. The agreement clearly states that if either party disparaged the other party then they would owe the other party $25,000. The client agrees to sign the agreement thinking that it’s for his benefit to protect his confidentiality.  Only later, the credit repair company, unfortunately, does not deliver, so the client goes ahead and posts a negative review. Then, the credit repair company’s lawyer will immediately contact the client and inform him that the negative review which he posted online violates the confidential agreement as it stated that either party can not disclose any information regarding this case. They will threaten him that if he does not remove the negative review right away, then they will sue him the $25,000. This is a great, but dirty, tactic on how to choke the negative reviewers.

What Can Be Done?

Obviously, the best thing to do is not to hire a crap credit repair company in the first place. But if you did hire a credit repair company which you feel did not deliver, then you might want to alert other consumers to be aware and not use this company. If you, unfortunately, signed this non-disclosure agreement, then when posting a bad review do not refer in any way to your specific case. Do not say, for example, that the company was not successful in removing my bad accounts. Rather talk about the company as a whole; for example, this company does a bad job removing bad marks from consumer credit reports, etc.

Hope this helps!