As we discussed already several times in this blog, being an AU on someone else’s credit card is one of the best and fastest ways to get started on building credit. (For more on this see Getting Approved For A First Credit Card). Of course, though, this is only if it’s done properly. The same way that being added as an AU will help you build credit, it will work the other way around as well. If it is a negative account you are being added to as an AU, then instead of helping you build credit, it will have just the opposite effect on your credit.

Factors to Consider Before Being Added as an Au to a Credit Card Are:

  • Perfect Payment History – make sure the card is open for at least two years with no late payments on it.
  • No High Balances – the card should have a utilization of below 15%.
  • The Card Should Be Used Often – the card should be used at least once every two months.

Again you can find more details in this post.

How To Get Removed Properly

In this post, I’d like to discuss a case in which you where added to a card that does have a high balance or does have a late payment. How can you escape that? Here I will teach you step by step how to get the account entirely off your credit report.

Step number one, is calling the bank to remove yourself from being a AU on the account.

Step number two, is very important. Call the bank and ask to speak to the credit reporting department and tell them that the account they are reporting is not yours, the balance is not yours, and you are not in charge of making the payments, so they should please remove it ASAP from your credit report. Make sure you also ask them to mail you a letter confirming that they agreed to remove it from your report. (Citi bank will request you to fax them a letter stating the above.  If you need a letter draft then email me at and I will send you one.)

Step number three, is to monitor your credit for the next 30 days, (you can do this very easily and for free on Credit Karma) and make sure that the AU account disappears. The mark terminated is not enough.  It needs to entirely disappear. If it does not disappear within 30 days, then repeat step two again.

If you are applying for a mortgage, once you have the letter from the bank that they agree to remove the AU account from your report, then just ask your mortgage broker to do a rapid rescore. After the rapid rescore is done then your credit file should automatically update within 48 hours.

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Wishing you a lot of successes!