Getting declined for a credit card is never exciting. People do not like the feeling of rejection. But, did you know getting declined on a credit card is not necessarily the final decision. 

Credit card issuers usually have a reconsideration team that you can get in touch with, and see if your application may be reconsidered after getting declined. In my experience, I have gotten many credit cards approved after trying a reconsideration.

Here in this post, we will go through the list of credit card issuers, and how to get your application reconsidered.

First Thing First

Here are some tips to know before you call

1) Before you call a credit card reconsideration department prepare a decent explanation of why you think the credit card application should be reconsidered. For example, asking Chase to consider your excellent banking relationship with them is a great reason. Have you paid a balance that is still showing on your credit report? Or some other error showing on your report? That might be something the representative will understand and be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. If you were declined due to a recently returned payment, then make sure to explain a solid reason why this was only a one time mistake and will never happen again, point out that for the x amount of years you are a customer with the bank this only happened once, etc.

2) Point out to the rep a good reason why you applied for the card (especially if many credit cards are already showing on your credit report). A good reason would be “I fly a lot on United Airlines, and I would like to earn MileagePlus points with the United Explorer Credit Card“. A bad reason would be “I want to receive the welcome bonus”.

3) Use negotiation skills: Sometimes, tell the rep that you will agree to start out now with a lower credit line, and you will build it up slowly. If you already have an existing credit line on another credit card with the same issuer, then ask the rep if you can split up and reallocate your current limit to the new card.

4) Not every decision can be overturned. For example, if Chase declined you for “too many recently opened accounts” that will not be able to be reconsidered (you can read more about other issuers approval terms here ).

American Express

You can reach the Amex Reconsecration Department at 1-800-567-1083

Applications can be reconsidered for up to 30 days without a new credit pull. And up to 90 days with a new credit pull.

Bank of America

You can reach the Bank of America Reconcentration Department by calling 1-800-354-0401

An application can be reconsidered for up to 30 days, but Bank Of America will do a new hard credit pull before reconsidering an application.


You can reach the Barclays Reconsideration Department by calling 1-866-408-4064

Applications can be reconsidered for up to 30 days. If you call the same day as the application was submitted, then there won’t be a hard credit pull.

When reconsidering the next day, most report not getting hit with a new credit pull for up to 30 days. There are some data points that Barclays did do a new hard credit pull (it may depend if you’re requesting a higher credit limit).



You can reach the Chase Reconsideration Department by calling 1-800-453-9719

Applications can be reconsidered for up to 30 days without a new hard credit pull.

Chase has a great and friendly reconsideration department.

Applications that were declined due to the Chase 5/24 rule cannot be reconsidered.  


You can reach the Citi Reconsideration Department by calling 1-800-695-5171

Applications can be reconsidered for up to 30 days. Usually, Citi will do a hard credit pull before reconsidering an application.

Capital One

Capital One does not have a direct line to the reconsideration department. You can call the customer service number (800) 625-7866 and ask them to submit a request for your application to be reconsidered (Capitol One will usually only reconsider an application due to an error, for example, if you made a mistake and put in the wrong SSN, etc)


Unfortunately, Discover applications cannot be reconsidered. 

Please Note: The information found in this post is based on our reader’s experience or collected from data points found on the internet. I cannot grantee that your results will be the same. Please share your own experience in the comments, and I will update the post accordingly.