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New United Card Coming-The United Quest Card

- Mar 8, 2021 Credit Card Info0 comments

Update: The card is live

The Points Guy reported that some cardholders of the United Platinum Class Visa credit card have received notice recently that the card is set to end within the month. The card is actually already no longer available for new applicants.

The United Platinum Class Visa card will end, and a new card, the United Quest card, will take its place. Chase will even transfer select Platinum Visa cardholders directly to the new United Quest card. The “product change” is set to occur on March 21, 2021.

There is no particular reason as to why United is retiring one card and introducing a new one. That’s how it is in the credit card world; products will always be going and coming. We can however, compare and contrast the old and the new and talk about whatever details we do have about the soon to be released United Quest card.

Info on the United Quest Card

The United Quest card, which will boast a $250 annual fee, seems to be averaged between the United Explorer card, which has a $95 annual fee, and the United Club Infinite card, which has a $525 annual fee. The Quest also has more benefits than the Explorer card, such as a second free checked bag and the $125 credit will talk about soon, though the United Infinite does come in as a more luxury card than the Quest.

The United Quest will have a $250 annual fee, but there are some credit and benefits which make the United Quest worth it. Let’s check it out.

United Quest Benefits

For starters, cardholders will receive $125 credit for United purchases per anniversary year.

In addition, cardholders who take a United flight will automatically earn 5,000 points back into their United account, up to twice per anniversary year. Totaling two United flights to get 10,000 points total.

The $125 credit and 10,000 bonus points definitely can help cover the $250 annual fee.

In addition,

  • Cardholders will enjoy Priority boarding and Premier upgrades.
  • Cardholders will receive free first and second checked bags.
  • The card has no foreign transaction fee
  • Trip cancellation insurance And trip Interruption insurance
  • Trip delay insurance

United Quest Rewards

Cardholders will earn rewards as following

  • 3 points on United purchases,
  • 2 points on all other travel purchases, at restaurants, and on select streaming services,
  • 1 point on all other purchases

In Conclusion

The United Quest will be available in March to existing United Platinum Class Visa card holder members, and then hopefully for new applicants.

It does have a fee of $250 per year but the $125 annual credit, plus the potential 10,000 points per year, make up for it (if you fly United often). Also comes along with some great travel benefits such as a second free checked bag. It seems to be a pretty average, standard card.

That’s all the info we have right now for the United Quest card, but we’ll be waiting for more details on the new card to be released.

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Rikki Rikki is a full-time contributor for She likes to think of the credit world as a place where each credit card is used to its maximum reward capabilities. Other than that, tulips and blue skies are next on the list for a lovely world.

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