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New Feature On Our Site – Compare Cards Easily While Browsing!

- Apr 20, 2021 About The Blog0 comments

Did you want your search for a new credit card to get even better?!

For the past many months, we created and perfected the most amazing feature to be added to our credit card pages. We’re so excited to finally present the compare-cards feature to our wonderful users, which we’re sure you’ll be raving about shortly, along with us!

From now on, while browsing for a new card on our site (where else would you be shopping for a new card??), you can click on the add to compare button, which you’ll find on all credit cards. The add to compare button will place any specific card you’re interested in to your own compare-cards list. You can then open up your compare cards list to compare your favorite cards side-by-side to easily pick the best one of all.

This is a breakthrough feature and will turn your new card decision-making so easy, you’ll be back for more!

Comparing cards

Why, you may ask, is comparing cards important?

Just like walking into Costco for Ziploc bags. Besides for the price, you’re comparing the sizes of the different Ziplocs, colors, and brands.

When choosing a card, you’re not picking one for it’s card design. You’re picking a card that has the benefits that are important to you, a welcome offer you like, card rewards that are relevant to you, and also maybe a nice card design;)

But when there are multiple credit cards that basically fit your criteria, how will you choose one over the other? Enter your Compare Cards list. There, you get to see all the cards you want to look into, lined up side by side, so that you can actually compare all card details in one shot, in one place.

How to adds card to your compare cards list

To get started, visit our credit card finder, where you get a list of all credit cards. Here’s where you’d be filtering out features by going down the filtering options on the left.

You can already start adding cards to be compared. As you scroll down the list of cards displayed in front of you, see the Add to compare option on the right of each card box.

You can also add cards to your list while on a credit card page. The option will be beneath the Get Started button.

When you click on Add to compare, the card will be added to your Compare Card bucket, which will pop up on the lower right of your screen.

The bucket will bring up a list of all cards in your list. You can search amongst the card names, remove a card from the list, and click on Compare Cards for your full compare card list.

At any point, you can click on the compare cards icon on the lower right of your screen, to bring up the bucket.

How to compare cards in your list

Your compare cards list will display the card details and card benefit of all cards you’ve added. The information will be side-by-side, divided by category, such as welcome offer, annual fee, credits etc.

Start comparing and deciding while scrolling down to get the full picture of all cards you like, at once.

Within the list, you can remove a card from your list,

hover over a card image to open it in full view,

or add a card to your list.

This is such an exciting feature, I feel like shopping for a new card right now. The fact that you can customize your own list to compare the cards you want to compare is so good.

Some more additions!

While working on this breakthrough feature, we also made some smaller additions throughout the site, based on YOUR feedback.

  • Many UX updated throughout the website
  • Check out recent approvals from our database for a card you’d like, directly from the credit card page.
  • We improved the benefit details for the credit cards by adding a description for each benefit.
  • Coming soon! We’ll be adding many more credit card filter options based on new categories.


We’re excited to bring these new surprises live to our readers. We want you to try it and provide feedback! If you bump into any issues, let me know. Email

Happy browsing and compare confidently!

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Sam Sam has nearly a decade's worth of experience educating his many readers on everything credit. Sam spends his days checking out credit cards for a full report, from the minute benefit details to the shebang of welcome bonuses. Plus studying the ins and outs of building proper credit. It’s his favorite pastime and he loves sharing it with others.

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