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My Predictions For 2022

- Jan 3, 2022 Credit Card Info, News1 comment

Anyone who knows me personally knows to take my predictions with as much salt as a person can eat. But everyone is predicting so, so will I. And if I end up being correct, I’ll be able to say “see, I told y’all it’s coming!”

My 2022 predictions

Here are my 6 clever predictions for 2022.

Prediction #1 - Amex will release a higher than 2% cashback card

I predict Amex will fight back the Capital One Spark Plus and Chase Ink Premier, and issue a card that will beat them both with even more than 2% cashback. It will be Amex style with some stupid strings attached, such as “you need to pay your bill once a week, otherwise your cashback will be lowered to 1%” etc. 

Prediction #2 - Chase will release a luxury business card

To be honest, I don’t know when this will happen but I believe it’ll happen sooner than later, as a luxury business credit card is an obvious bald spot in the Chase credit card portfolio. 

Prediction #3 - No annual fee cards will be losing benefits

The trend shows that banks are losing money by offering various protections on no annual fee cards, such as auto rental insurance etc. I predict that more cards will be losing these benefits in 2022, especially the “no annual fee” cards.

Prediction # 4 - Annual fees will be going up on many cards

Banks have started raising annual fees before the pandemic but then mostly stopped during the pandemic. I think those annual fee increases will resume in 2022 (Dr. Fauci, what do you say?).  

Prediction #5 - Many more fintech apps will be releasing credit cards

It’s become easier than ever for anyone to issue a credit card. You just create a fintech app, partner with a third party bank, offer customer service through Zendesk, and boom!, you have a credit card. I believe that in 2022 we will see many more fintech apps popping up and offering new ideas in the credit card space. Some of them will potentially have interesting offerings. Let’s just look out for them.

Prediction #6 - More debit cards will offer rewards

I think the competition is starting to break in and we will slowly see more banks fighting back in this profitable space and offer rewards on debit cards, the same way you get rewards on credit cards.

So these are my 6 predictions. Do you have any predictions for 2022?

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1 Comment

  1. I predict amex will create the “business palladium card” with a SUB of one million MR for 100k spend. $200 MONTHLY Dell and incidental credits, 10x on groceries (for VGC’s), and adds TK as a transfer partner. And refferal’s give you +6x for 6 months and 50k MR. And NLL offers every 30 days.


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