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Huge Amex Breakthrough! Know If You’re Approved With No Impact To Your Credit Score!

- Nov 23, 2022 credit, Credit Card Info1 comment

Amex released a new feature called “Apply With Confidence”. You will now get a 100% guaranteed approval for any Amex personal card with only a soft pull (a soft pull has no impact on your credit score). Only once you’re approved and agree to accept the approval will Amex pull your credit with a hard pull.

How does Apply With Confidence work?

When applying for any personal Amex credit card, Amex will not do a hard pull on your credit report until they 100% guarantee that you will be approved. Once you’re approved you can choose to accept the card. Only once you choose to proceed, will Amex do a hard pull on your credit report.

The new application experience is currently available for individuals applying for a U.S. Personal Card via HelpMeBuildCredit, at, or by calling American Express, and is not available if you apply for a Card after you log into an existing Card Member Account.

Why this matters?

Many people are afraid to apply for credit cards as they are concerned they will get declined and it will result in a credit pull on their credit report for nothing. With Apply With Confidence, Amex is giving everyone a chance to apply for an Amex card without being concerned of damaging their credit. 

Want to try to apply for an Amex card and see if you are approved with no credit score impact? Check out Amex personal credit cards here.

With Apply With Confidence, you will know if you’re approved for an American Express personal Card with no impact to your credit score. If you’re approved and choose to accept the card, your credit score may be impacted.

Frequently asked questions
What is the 4506-t form Amex is asking me for?
It gives them permission to get your tax return from the IRS
With the new Amex Apply With Confidence which is currently only available on personal cards, do you think it's a good idea to try to apply for a personal card, see if approved, and then not accept the card and do a business card (I really want to get a business card)?
Approvals with Amex are usually similar on personal cards as on business, so this concept makes sense

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  1. How often can I try to apply?


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