Hi!  My name is Sam Billo, author of the help me build credit blog. It all got started a couple of years ago when I was buying my first home but couldn’t get approved for a mortgage because I did not have credit. Being that I’m not the type of person that gives up, I started researching how to build my credit.  I asked friends, called mortgage brokers, and discussed my credit issue with just about anybody listed in the phone book under Credit, until I learned all the tips and tricks on how to get a top credit score fast! In less than two weeks, I came back to my mortgage broker with a 740 credit score!!! (Needless to say, he was shocked.) Since then, I have helped a tremendous amount of people getting approved for mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, collage, etc.

Credit is a thing that is needed many times in your life; when buying a house, looking for a job, getting an apartment, or even just getting insurance. Everything depends on your credit score. On the web, there are lots of blogs that write about building credit, but even if they give you some advice, I haven’t found blogs that give you detailed information. Many a time it sounds as if their telling you, “I got you started. Now go ahead and do more research….”

Therefore, I decided to start the Help Me Build Credit blog. I want this blog to be the only place where you will ever need to go to find all the relevant information about building and maintaining good credit. Everything. From A to Z. Here I will share with you my research, knowledge, and experience from all my years of helping clients build credit (There is a ton of info ready to be spilled!). My goal is that every reader should have the best credit score on their block and be an ultimate pro in building and improving their credit!

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I am offering this blog with the advice and tricks to you all 100% free! I am looking to give you information that will save you a lot of money on interest, car insurance, and lots of other things. But, all I ask is that when you go ahead and apply for a credit card , please use a link from the blog as I will possibly get a commission for each approved application.  You can find the credit card links here.

Welcome to the Help Me Build Credit blog. Thanks for joining. Together we will hopefully become the number one blog on building credit!

Sam Billo