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Advertiser Disclosure

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Free Walmart+ Membership Added To Amex Platinum Cards

- Oct 7, 2021 Credit Card Info0 comments

Since Amex increased the Amex Platinum personal membership fee to $695, they have continuously been adding new benefits to the card.

Today Amex added two new credits. One is great, the other one I do not see of any value.

All three Amex Platinum flavors have the new credits, Amex Platinum,  Amex Platinum Charles Schwab, Amex Platinum Morgan Stanley 

New! Free Walmart+ Membership

Starting today, you can enroll to receive a free Walmart+ Membership. You will be receiving  a $12.95 monthly credit to cover the full cost of a Walmart+ membership. You can enroll in this benefit here.

New! $300 SoulCycle Home Bike credit

You can receive a $300 credit when purchasing a SoulCycle bike (up to 15 bikes per year). The cost of a bike is $2,500, so how is $300 helping? I guess if you’re buying these types of bikes anyway then $300 does not hurt. But look at it as an approximately 10% discount rather than a credit. 

Existing Platinum credits

  • $200 annual airline incidental fee credit

The Amex Platinum card will give you a $200 credit annually, to refund incidental airline charges like baggage fees, seat upgrades, and more. Here’s a list of what transactions will be refunded and how you can use the incidental fee credit even without flying. Check it out here.

  • $50 Saks Fifth Avenue credit

Register to receive two annual $50 credits for any purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue. You will receive one $50 credit from January till the end of June, and a second $50 credit from July till the end of December. These credits are “either use it or lose it” credits, so make sure to remember to use them before they expire.

  • $200 Uber credits

With the Amex Platinum card, you will receive a $15 Uber credit every month and a $35 Uber credit in December, totaling $200 annually. Simply add your Platinum card to your Uber account and the credits will appear in your account at the beginning of every month automatically.  (You do not need to pay with your Platinum card to receive the credits).

  • $200 credit for prepaid hotel bookings per year. 

You receive a $200 credit each calendar year for hotel bookings at hotels that are part of  Fine Hotel and Resorts and The Hotel Collections. 

  • $179 CLEAR Credit

CLEAR will get you from check-in to boarding easily and smoothly at participating airports and stadiums. It’s actually one of the fastest ways to get through airport security. A clear ambassador will escort you straight to the front right to the TSA agent (VIP level!). Clear has a $179 yearly membership fee. With the Platinum card, you will get refunded for the full membership paid.

Get fit with $25 per month that you can apply towards the $39.99 monthly fee for Equinox and the fitness app.

  • Get $240 credit for Digital Entertainment.

With the Amex Platinum card get $20 a month on purchases at the following digital entertainment providers: Peacock, Audible, SiriusXM, and New York Times.

Check out the full details of the Amex Platinum card here.

Frequently asked questions
I bought a laptop with an Amex Platinum card but I already canceled the card. Can I still file an extended warranty protection claim?
Unfortunately, if you cancel the card you lose the coverage

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