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Bonus Points When Adding Amex Authorized Users. Here Is What You Need To Know

- May 10, 2022 Credit Card Info4 comments

Many Amex cards were recently targeted for bonus points for adding an authorized user. 

Here are some of the popular offers. 

You can call Amex to see what offers your account is targeted for.

You can add the authorized users for free

With the Amex Platinum card, there are three levels you can add an authorized user on. The Gold level on personal cards and the Green level on business cards are free. With these promos, you can add the authorized user even on the free level and still get the bonus.

Authorized users social security number

Amex cards come in the mail already activated and will work for 60 days without an SSN. After 60 days you will need to provide the authorized user’s social security number to keep the card active (business cards stay active with no ssn even past 60 days) 

Add all authorized users on the same phone call

Sometimes, the promo will only be available once. So if you have the promo to add for up to 99 authorized users and plan on adding 99, then try to do all of them on the same phone call. If you add 50 and then call back to add the other 49, the offer might not be there anymore.

The max amount of 5 is per phone call

If your offer includes a max of 5 cards, the max is per phone call. If you call back after a few days and get the offer again then you will be able to get the bonus on all 10, etc. 

How do I ask for the offer?

Call the number on the back of your card. Ask to speak to a representative and then follow this script “Are there any offers for adding authorized users to my account?” 

Can I find the offer online as well?

It depends on the offer. Sometimes it can be done online and sometimes it’s by phone only. 

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  1. Do I need to make an extra log in For all different accounts or will I see it on the main and I will be able to pay from there?

    • You don’t need an extra login. It will show in the main account

  2. Is chatting like calling or I need to call?

    • Sometimes chatting is good but some offers are only by phone


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