How To Apply For A Business Credit Card Without A Legal Business

- Nov 1, 2017 Credit Cards4 comments

You would love to apply for a Business credit card. But the problem is, your business is not registered as an LLC or C-Corp. No problem! Tune in for a step by step guide on how to apply for a business credit card without a legal business.

  • First, go to the business credit card application and click on apply now.
  • Next, you will need to put in your business information. Do it as follows:

Business Information

  • Legal business name: Write your own name.

  • Type of Business/Company structure: Choose the option “sole proprietor”

  • Tax ID: Complete by adding your own social security number

  • Business category: Fill out whatever type of business you have (For example, if you sell your own knitted hats then your type of business is retail) Do the same where it says “business type” and “subtype”.

  • Number of employees: put in as applicable, if it’s 0 write 0

  • Revenue: Put in your business net sales or revenue

  • Business address: Fill in your home address

That’s all!  It’s that simple! Just finish by putting in your personal information and you’re all set!

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  1. Is this business trick still in affect ?

    • Yup you can still do a SP

      • Could I do a pre approval check before applying?

        • It will depend on the bank. some have this future and some do not. You can also check out Cardmatch to search for preapproval.

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