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Discover It: Your Best Choice for a First Credit Card

Updated 11/07/17

You’re ready to get one of those plastic swipe cards commonly known as a credit card. There are so many banks and brands, each offering you a world of benefits.  It gets confusing.  Let me try helping out by introducing you to the Discover It credit card. Yes! If you’re applying for your first credit card, I recommend the Discover It.


  1. Easy to Get Approved For

When applying for your first credit card you should be looking for a credit card that is easy to get approved for.  Assuming you don’t yet have top notch credit, the Discover It credit card is very friendly when it comes to approving people who haven’t previously had any credit cards. They will also approve you for a generous amount of a credit line, making it possible for you to be able to start out with a decent amount of money to spend every month.

  1. Great Reporter

In order for you to be able to build credit fast, you need your positive information (like on time payments) to be reported right away to the credit bureaus.  There are banks out there that are very lazy when it comes to reporting positive information, sometimes delaying it for several months. (Unfortunately, they are only lazy when they need to report positive information but the negatives get reported right away….)

Discover is a great reporter.  They will report month after month without fail.  That will keep your credit file up to date and help you build credit quicker.

  1. Generous Credit Increase without a Credit Inquiry 

As you move on in life, your expenses grow.  Therefore, you’ll often want to increase your credit limit. Most banks will want to make a credit inquiry before approving you for a credit increase. The problem is, too many inquiries too often will negatively impact your credit.

With Discover you can request a credit increase every three months without having them make a credit inquiry. They will approve you just based on there own records or your timely payments. This is a big deal, because you will need it for the future. (I personally started out with a credit line of $ 1,000 and over the years I was able to increase it, without them ever making a credit inquiry. I now have a credit line of $15,000!)

  1. No Annual Fee

When applying for a first credit card, it’s important you look for a credit card with no annual fee. This will allow you to be able to keep it open forever, thereby helping you build a great credit history without ever having to worry about it costing you any money. The Discover It card offers you this amazing advantage.

  1. Your FICO Score on Every Statement

It is exciting to see your credit score go up, and with the Discover It credit card you get to keep track of your credit score with a nice graph, which you receive monthly with your statements.

  1. Free Credit Monitoring

Discover now offers a new benefit where they give costumers free credit monitoring! Discover will alert you by text and email about any suspicious activity they may find on the web and on your credit file.

  1. Many Benefits

Here we’ve discussed all the credit related benefits, but Discover also offers a whole lot more of benefits. For example, no foreign transaction fees, Discover deals, double cash back the first year, 100% USA based costumer service, 5% cash back at rotating categories, etc. See more here.

Hope this post helped you decide what your perfect first credit card will be.

You may also want to see: Five Easy Credit Cards To Get Approved For and Getting Approved For A First Credit Card.

Good luck!

Please note: Although, I put a lot of effort to give my readers unbiased information. I’m legally required to notify you that I may be receiving compensation from credit card companies mentioned on this page. Please see our Advertisement Disclosure for more details.


Tricks on How to Improve Your Credit Score Fast

Updated 11/07/17

Did you know that even if you never missed a payment your credit score may still be below 650? Why? Credit models do not only look at your timely payments when they calculate your credit score. They look at many factors. So listen up for a few simple tricks on what can be done to improve your credit score fast.

Credit Utilization

As my readers already know, credit utilization (how much of your credit line you spend) is a biggy when it comes to credit. If you have high balances your credit score will be low! High utilization will be anything above 15% of your credit line. (Example: If your credit line is $10,000 make sure your balance is below $1,500.)

So the number one step you should take to improve your score should be to review your credit report. (You can order a free copy once a year by or, I would recommend setting up a account by, to receive updates every 7 days.) Check through your accounts and balances and make sure they are all below the 15% mark. If they are, then good. If not, then you found your problem. Pay it off and wait till it gets reported as paid. (Usually it gets reported by the closing date of your credit card.) At that time, your credit should shoot up. (I saw it happening by more than 100 points!!)

What to Do if You Don’t Have the Funds

If you can’t afford to pay off the balance, then I’m going to give you another trick. If you have a business credit card, then you might want to consider transferring your balances to your business credit card. This will help you because most business credit cards don’t report the balances to the credit bureau (see a complete list here).So, by transferring your balances to a business credit card, you are actually removing the balance from your credit report.

If you don’t have a business credit card you may want to try to get approved for one. The Chase Ink Cash or the Amex Blue Cash Business are both good options because they have an introduction of a  0% Apr period on balance transfers,  so you will be saving money on interest too.

Asking for a Credit Increase

Try to ask your bank for a credit increase.  This may help you with your credit utilization and also with building better credit faster.

There are banks that will give you a credit increase without making a credit pull. Check out a list here.

Credit History

A very important factor of how to have excellent credit is having a long credit history. Therefore, if your first credit card is less than a year old don’t expect your credit to be too high. Moreover, if you have an old credit card but did not use it in the past few months, fico will look at it as an inactive account and not count it as a positive account. If that is your case, then just start using the credit card again and once it gets reported as used, your score will go back up. If you have old accounts that you closed, then you might want to call the bank to ask if they can reopen the closed accounts.

Piggybacking Credit (Authorized User)

A common and quick way to boost your credit score fast, is by adding yourself as an authorized user to someone else’s  account. Obviously, make sure that account is an old account and has a good payment history. Once that account reports, you should see your score go up a lot.

For more on piggybacking, see the post on Getting Approved For A First Credit Card.

Checking your Credit Report

Of course, you also want to check your credit report to make sure there are no negative errors found on your credit report. If you do find any, you may want to have a professional lawyer dispute it for you, since it can be very difficult, tedious, and time consuming to do it on your own. I am warning you that it may be expensive, but your credit is worth more!

Did any of these tricks help you improve your credit? Please comment below and let our other readers know.

Good luck!

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